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  • 3C-SiC on Si Heteroepitaxial wafer
  • GaN on SiC/Si Template wafer
Substrate for GaN power devices / high emission LED 3C-SiC on Si Hetroepitaxial wafer

AWI 3C-SiC(111) on Si heteroepitaxial wafers for GaN (Gallium Nitride) using AW-original epitaxial technologies are one of the most suitable substrates for GaN devices. The 3C-SiC heteroepitaxial technology can realize large diameter substrates, on which high quality GaN layers can be easily grown using simple buffers.


  • 2 inch to 8 inch wafers are available.
  • Suitable for growth of high quality GaN layers.
    No melt-back-etching.
    SiC has excellent GaN growth facility due to small lattice mismatch between SiC and GaN.
  • GaN with thinner SL or more simple buffer layers are provided.
  • Potential for High-bright vertical LED structure without Laser-Lift-Off (LLO) processes.

3C-SiC(111) on Si heteroepitaxial wafer

General specification
Diameter 2”~8” diameter
Epi film 2.0~3.5 um-thick SiC(111) layer
Crystal XRC-FWHM (SiC(111), ω-scan) 500~800 arcsec
Applications GaN-power, LED, MEMS, Photonic crystal, Artificial Photosynthesis/Photocatalyst, SAW filter, Diamond and ZnO heteroepitaxial substrate etc.

schematic cross section

cross sectional SEM image

3C-SiC(111) on Si XRC-FWHM(SiC(111), ω-scan)

AWI 3C-SiC(111) on Si heteroepitaxial wafers realize high crystalline 3C-SiC(111) epitaxial films. (XRC-FWHM 462 arcsec @3.9 um in SiC thickness, 462 arcsec is top-ranked value worldwide)