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AW-Water Business

Air Water entered into the HOD (Home and Office Delivery) water business in 2004 to start the production and sales of mineral water. The brand name “AW-Water” carries our company name, , based on our aspiration to serve a broader community through our business by making the best use of the precious water resources, in accordance with our basic philosophy to be “a company dedicated to recycling the resources of the Earth.”
“AW-Water” is a mineral water with a well-balanced blend of pure water after the removal of impurities using an RO membrane (reverse osmosis membrane) and our company's original marine-derived minerals. We have offered this product as a reliable and safe water completely free of endocrine disruptors, radioactive materials and other toxic substances, which “we would like your children to drink.” In April 2013, we started the production and sales of “Natural Water” made from the natural water of Shinshu, Nagano Prefecture, a place surrounded by the rich nature of the Northern Alps. We will deliver two types of reliable, safe and delicious water, mineral water and natural water, across the country.

“Three water sources” that only Air Water possesses

The most significant feature of Air Water's “AW-Water” is the “three types of independent water sources”, each of which creates a raw water based on the characteristics of its regional location.
Through the realization of the multiple source waters of “clear water,” “seawater” and “natural water” at four distant locations in the country, as well as Air Water's own supply network throughout the country, we established a system which allows us to ensure the delivery of safe and reliable drinking water to our customers and a broader community no matter what changes occur in the environment, such as drought.

Installation hub Hassamu factory Yoshikawa factory Sanuki factory Shinano-Omachi factory
Start of operation June 2004 June 2004 July 2011 April 2013
Source water Clear water Clear water Seawater Natural water
Production capacity 25,000 bottles/month 45,000 bottles/month 48,000 bottles/month 250,000 bottles/month
Supply area Hokkaido area East Japan area West Japan area Nationwide

Unique mineral contents derived from the sea

Another feature of AW-Water is that it contains our original “seawater-derived minerals” produced from the salt factory of our group company Nihon Kaisui Co., Ltd. Since this mineral concentrate uses a high-purity “bittern” generated in the process of making salt, we can deliver products which contain more healthy, high-quality minerals to our customers all across the country.

Self-designed ECO water server

Air Water manufactures and develops not only water but also self-designed dedicated water servers.
We offer our own servers that are highly user-friendly, with an energy saving design equipped with an ECO mode, ultrahigh-performance ULPA filters to strengthen hygiene, as well as a space-saving design that suits the Japanese lifestyle. Energy-saving functions have been further strengthened in our latest servers that come with switches that can change the temperature range of hot water and cool water, an illumination sensor that senses the brightness of the room and turns off the hot water server when the surroundings become dark, and others. For some communities, we use “one-way bottles” that can be easily crushed for recycling to pursue a thorough ecological approach along with the water servers.