Business & Products New Business

We also aggressively take on the challenge of new business fields to realize our “vision of being a one-trillion yen company.”

Because we are committed to our long-term growth vision of “becoming a one-trillion yen company by fiscal 2020,” it is imperative that we successively generate new businesses and develop them to be new growth drivers for further corporate expansion.
Our SIC Business which develops and semiconductor substrates to solve customer's problems using our original SiC/Si film technology, our AW Water Business which provides the HOD (Home & Office delivery) service of reliable and safe mineral water, and our nursing care business which seeks to establish a model for elderly nursing care that has not existed before—each of these are new efforts helping Air Water to become a company with sales of one trillion yen in the future.


We deliver reliable, safe and delicious mineral water, “AW water,” throughout the country via our HOD (Home and Office Delivery) service.

Care Welfare

Proposing an entirely new type of elderly nursing care, we seek to provide all types of services associated with healthcare, food, and housing for welfare care facilities.


We supply SiC substrates (substrates made from semiconductor compounds), which we developed using our independently developed film deposition technology, both domestically and abroad.