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Supply Processing and Distribution Service (SPD)

For all medical institutions, procurement of disposable medical supplies is a significant part of daily business. However, the scope of activities involved is very wide. By proposing and executing a complete cycle of disposable medical supply purchasing, utilization, standardization, and business analysis, Air Water supports the proper distribution of medical supplies and enhanced safety in medical treatment as well as business efficiency.

Effects of introducing SPD Service
Medical Staff Establishment of an environment where staff can focus on medical treatment and nursing care; simplification of the processing of medical insurance claims.
Hospitals Optimization of personnel distribution and labor expenditures.
Stock & Distribution Reduction in the costs of medical supplies by centralizing management of all orders and in the distribution costs by delivering as many items as possible at the same time.
Information Improvement of medical institution management based on cost saving plan proposals based on analysis of data collected on disposable medical supplies.
Example of Disposable Medical Supplies
  • Medical equipment
  • Medical supplies
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Sterilization products
  • Test reagents
  • Linen goods
  • Daily life items

Contracted Sterilization Service

Medical equipment must be safely and thoroughly disinfected and sterilized. Taking advantage of technologies and knowhow that we have developed during our long years of business with sterilization gas and equipment, Air Water will carry out sterilization of medical instruments and equipment for you. We propose the optimal sterilization solutions for you that are safe and reliable, offering sterilization service outside your hospital at our sterilization centers or sterilization service in your hospital provided by our sterilization staff who are dispatched to work continuously at your institution.

Types of Sterilization Service
Contracted Sterilization
Service Outside Hospital
Air Water provides sterilization with improved efficiency and quality and with lower cost, by conducting the sterilization, which has conventionally been done in a central supply room in a medical institution, at our sterilization centers.
Contracted Sterilization
Service in Hospital
Air Water provides total support for the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of operating rooms, including sterilizing and disinfecting medical instruments, materials, etc. as well as preparation of operating rooms before surgery and cleaning of operating rooms.
Contracted Sterilization
Service in and outside Hospital
Air Water can offer the most suitable sterilization solution, whether carrying out our service in or outside of your hospital.
Sterilization Related Products (Optional Products)

Sterilization Bag AW Series

Domestically made, high quality sterilization bags.

Schreiber Co. Sterilization Containers

We offer German made sterilization containers with a reputation for quality at moderate prices.

Asanus Steel Instruments

We offer German made steel instruments at moderate prices.