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Medical Gas

Types of medical gases

Medical gases that play a crucial role in respiratory therapy and anesthesia introduction are considered to be a lifeline for medical institutions. It is the suppliers' mission to ensure the supply of medical gases under all circumstances without a delay of a minute or even one second. Air Water supplies a variety of medical gases, including inhaled gases such as oxygen and nitrous oxide as well as nitric oxide preparation, liquid helium, sterilization gas, and others.

O2 Oxygen CO2 Carbon Dioxide NO Nitric Monoxide
N2O Nitrous Oxide N2 Nitrogen C2H4O Ethylene Oxide
O2+N2 Artificial Air He Helium  

Medical Gas in Compliance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law

There are various types of medical gas, including gaseous drugs and other gases that are also involved in medical treatment. There are two types of gaseous drugs: “Japanese Pharmacopoeia drugs”, which are listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia and are regulated by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and “drugs other than Japanese Pharmacopoeia drugs”, which are approved under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

Medical Gas Related Systems

ETO Avatar: Medical Gas Sterilization Gas Emission Disposal System

ETO Avatar is an apparatus that safely disposes of used medical sterilization gas emitted from sterilizers or aerators. By applying catalytic oxidation methods, gas is detoxified by being converted to carbon dioxide (carbonic acid gas) and water, and then safely vented to the atmosphere.

Alp (Alp Gas System): Fumigant against Insects and Fungi for Protecting Cultural Assets:

Alp Gas is a new fumigant that is composed of propylene oxide and argon, so that it protects important cultural assets and is environmentally friendly. Alp Gas is suited for use by fumigation service providers in fumigating a broad area.