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Hospital Facility Construction

Operating Room

Air Water offers a one-stop solution from design to installation for various equipment needed in an operating room.
We flexibly provide a surgery environment with all the functions desired by our client, proposing basic systems (including the surgical equipment, electric equipment, air-conditioning, and layout of operating room), highly functional ceiling pendants and shadowless lamps, wall installed devices and filmless imaging systems that utilize the space of an operating room effectively, and high-tech operating rooms including biological clean rooms, and rooms equipped with MRI.

AMhouse: Operating Room System

Air Water's strongest merit for our clients is that it provides a “one-stop solution” from design to installation. In this service we procure and install all necessary equipment and instruments used in an operating room. We can meet all our clients' operating room needs with our “AM house” operating room system, our total package solution which includes the interior construction, medical gas system, other facilities and equipment, and their repair and maintenance.

AMhouse (Interior Construction)
Medical Gas Systems
Shadowless Lamps
Ceiling Pendants
Electric Equipment
Hanger Unit
Imaging System
Monitor arm/camera arm

Intensive Care Unit (ICU/CCU/NICU)

To design an intensive care unit that provides safer and more efficient medical care, Air Water offers equipment with excellent functionality and ease of use, including a modular system that allows you to optimally arrange the necessary equipment for treatment to meet your needs.
Our intensive care unit (ICU/CCU/NICU) creates a highly developed treatment environment by combining essential medical equipment necessary for treatment and our four types of support systems. We can propose a layout of equipment offering great functionality and ease of use so that your medical staff can provide the optimal treatment in a limited space.

Four types of support systems
Ceiling Pendant
Medical Hanger
Wall Care Unit
Ceiling Rail System

Medical Gas Piping Systems

Utilizing the high technological capability and know-how that we have accumulated over a long period of time with regard to high-pressure gas control, we design and construct a medical gas piping system throughout a hospital, including operating rooms. We also offer a total solution to the problems of running medical gas supply systems, including a monitoring system that provides centralized control of the entire facility.
We build medical gas piping systems to safely deliver medical gases, such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, air, suction gas, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. We provide a comprehensive system integrating supply sources, various piping terminals, and the connecting piping, as well as a system to monitor them.

Total Support for Medical Gas Piping Systems
Outlet (piping terminal)
Supply Source Facility
Medical Gas Monitoring System
Piping terminal units