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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

The type of hyperbaric oxygen chamber (HBO) that Air Water offers is the "SECHRIST Model 2800J" manufactured by Sechrist Industries, Inc. in the USA. This product complies with ASME/PVHO-1 safety standard and comes with an acrylic resin container that has good pressure, shock, and weather resistance, an extremely safe gas pressure control system, a two-way simultaneous communication system, and interlock mechanism.

Sechrist Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Model 2800J
Dimensions 990 (W) × 2,520 (D) × 1,300 (H) mm
Weight 546 kg
Power Input AC100V 50/60Hz 75VA
“H.E.R.OTM” Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Recorder (Related Product)

Hyperbaric electronic record organizer (HERO) is an automatic recording system for hyperbaric oxygen therapy that is attached to the Sechrist hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Medical ventilators

Air Water mainly offers medical ventilator-related systems for newborns and infants. These systems are used to assist breathing for patients who have breathing disorders, such as ventilator failure and oxygen desaturation, adjusting for their age and lung function. Air Water provides the ventilators manufacthred by CareFusion Corporation, Sechrist Industries in the USA and ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG in Switzerland.

Product Lineup
Product Name FABIAN HFO:
Ventilator for newborns and infants
Infant Flow SiPAP:
Ventilators for newborns and infants
Ventilators for newborns and infants
Dimensions 300(W) × 400(D) × 370(H) mm
(Main unit only)
235(W) × 260(D) × 380(H) mm
(Main unit only, excluding protrusions)
278(W) × 200(D) × 340(H) mm
(Main unit only)
Weight 20 kg 8.8 kg 11 kg
Power Input 50/60Hz AC100-240V 50VA 50/60Hz AC100・200V 50VA 50/60Hz AC100V 0.85A
Manufacturer ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG. CareFusion 207, Inc. SECHRIST INDUSTRIES, INC.

INOvent®: NO Gas Supply System

Our Nitric Oxide (NO) gas supply system called the “INOvent®” is an gas administration and management system that delivers a constant concentration of an NO preparation to patients with respiratory insufficiency. This system carries out NO inhalation therapy safely by administering nitric oxide that is diluted in accordance with any change in the volume of gas delivered by the ventilator.

(Main Unit)
350 (W) × 400 (D) × 215 (H) mm / 14.4 kg
510 (W) × 600 (D) × 1,195 (H) mm / 34 kg
Power Supply 50/60 Hz 100 to 120/220 to 240 VAC 109 VA
Manufacturer INO Therapeutics, LLC.
Related Product
  • INOflow® 800ppm for inhalation: Pulmonary vasodilator/NO gas for inhalation


The incubator-related equipment that Air Water offers are infant care products manufactured by Ohmeda that is famous for its highly evaluated infant incubators. We offer two types of incubators that have earned a reputation for being less stressful for newborns and reducing the burden on medical staff who take care of newborns.

Incubator Product Lineup
Product Name Ohmeda Giraffe OmniBed:
Open / closed circulation system incubator
Giraffe Incubator:
Closed circulation system incubator
Dimensions 690 (W) × 1,120 (D) × 1,470 to 2,360 (H) mm 660 (W) × 1,140 (D) × 1,470 (H) mm
Weight 129 kg 138 kg
Power Input 50/60Hz AC100V 1050VA 50/60Hz AC100V 1050VA
Phototherapy Device for Neonatal Jaundice Product Lineup
Product Name BiliSoft® BiliBlanket® Plus High Output
Dimensions 165 (W) × 165 (D) × 210 (H) mm 254 (W) × 279 (D) × 115 (H) mm
Weight 2.5 kg 3.6 kg
Power Input 50/60Hz AC100V 1.5A 50/60Hz AC100V 2.2A

Fetal monitors

The fetal monitor “Corometrics®” monitors changes in the heart rate of a fetus, fetal movement, and pressure during a contraction in order to ensure the safety of the mother and the fetus. The cardiotocomonitor uses 9 crystal ultrasound transducers that cover a wide range of frequencies, thus obtaining a fetal heart beat wave form that is less likely to be interrupted.

Product Lineup
Equipment Name Corometrics® 170:
Fetal monitor
Corometrics® 250cx:
Fetal monitor
Fetal Monitor Telemeter Mini Telemetry (Optional equipment)
Dimensions 425 (W) × 254 (D) × 146 (H) mm 419 (W) × 439 (D) × 170 (H) mm 【Transmitter】
119 (W) × 121 (D) × 47 (H) mm
206(W) × 302(D) × 102(H) mm
Weight 3.6 kg 10.9 kg
Power Supply 50/60Hz AC100V 30VA 50/60Hz AC100V 100VA 50/60Hz AC100V
Manufacturer Wipro GE Healthcare Private Ltd.

Other Medical Equipments

In addition to medical equipment and systems related to respiratory control, Air Water offers various other equipment, such as equipment for emergency treatment, surgery, and monitoring. We are aiming to offer total support to our clients to meet their broad range of needs.

Equipment for Emergency Treatment
CAREvent ATV Series
Medical Transport Ventilators
Handheld CAREvent ALS/SQ Regulator
Smart Bag
Electro Surgical Unit
Electro Surgical Unit AS150
Electro Surgical Unit Accessories
Reusable Hand Switch / Electro Surgical Handle
Ultrasonic Blood Flow Meter
Ultrasonic Blood Flow Meter
Ultrasonic Blood Flow Meter Accessories
Oxygen Supplying Unit
Face Tent