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Home Oxygen Concentrator

For successful home oxygen therapy for patients who have chronic respiratory failure or pulmonary hypertension, oxygen at an appropriate level for the symptoms must be reliably administered. Our home oxygen concentrator enables patients who constantly need supplemental oxygen to inhale a high, stable concentration of oxygen at any time.

Equipment Name PVM5000 OXY:
Medical oxygen
PVS3000 OXY:
Medical oxygen
O2 Green Koharu 3SP:
3L oxygen concentrator
O2 Green Ibuki 5SP:
5L oxygen concentrator
Oxygen Level 88 to 90 % 93 ± 3 % 88 to 95 % 88 to 95 %
Flow Rate 0.25 to 5.00L/min. 0.50 to 3.00 L/min. 【Cont.】0.25 to 3.00L/min.
【Sync.】0.75 to 5.00L/min.
0.25 to 5.00L/min.
Dimensions 620 (H) × 320 (W)
× 380 (D) mm
320 (W) × 360 (D)
× 640 (H) mm
545 (H) × 350 (W)
× 250 (D) mm
625 (H) × 350 (W)
× 295 (D) mm
Weight 31 kg 29 kg 13.5 kg 23 kg

Portable Oxygen Product Series

When patients on home oxygen therapy go out, they need to carry portable medical oxygen tanks to continue to inhale oxygen. To support patients with such special needs, Air Water offers its portable oxygen product series.

Portable Oxygen Product Series
Portable Oxygen Tanks
Demand Valve synchronizing oxygen supply and breathing rhythm
Flow Controllers / Flow Meters

Home Infusion Therapy

Cafty Pump S: portable home parenteral nutrition (HPN) pump / Tube set for Terufusion Pump

Central venous hyperalimentation therapy is a method of supplying nutrients to the body by inserting a catheter into the vein to administer a solution containing various nutrients in order to keep and improve patients' nutritional condition when they cannot obtain the necessary nutrition from foods. This treatment is provided at home, so patients can stay at their homes without going to a hospital.


Soft Case for Cafty Pump
Jacket for Cafty Pump
Carrier BagTM (Portable Bag for HPN)

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

MINI PEGASO: Mechanical in-Exsufflator

This mechanical in-exsufflator is for patients who have difficulty in expectorating sputum due to reduced peak cough flow. "MINI PEGASO" helps to remove secretions within the respiratory tract by applying positive pressure to the lung and respiratory tract and then suddenly changing the pressure to negative pressure.

Dimensions 290 (W) × 270 (D) × 190 (H) mm
Weight 4.5 kg
Power Input 100 VA
Maximum Positive Pressure 50cmH2O
Maximum Negative Pressure 50cmH2O
Manufacturer Dima Italia srl.
Vacu-Aide 7305P-N: Compact Suction Unit

The compact suction unit “Vacu-Aide” is a compact, lightweight medical suction unit with a tough and reliable diaphragm pump and powerful design providing adjustable suction strength up to 550 mmHg.

Dimensions 290 (W) × 270 (D) × 190 (H) mm
Weight 4.5 kg
Power Input 50Hz/60Hz AC100V, or
Chargeable built-in battery (DC12V)
Manufacturer Dima Italia srl.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is a disorder in which patients frequently stop breathing while sleeping (lack of oxygen) because the respiratory tract becomes narrowed due to excess body fat caused by obesity or due to tonsillar hypertrophy in young children.
Air Water rents out an apparatus for home use called the “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)” that maintains positive air pressure in a sleeping patient through a nose-mask, easing breathing by opening the narrowed airway.