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We support the frontline of life by providing “total medical solutions” including the provision of medical gas services.

Medical gases that play a crucial role in respiratory therapy and anesthesia introduction are considered to be a lifeline for medical institutions. It is suppliers' mission to ensure the supply of medical gases under all circumstances without one minute or one second delay.
Air Water provides stable supply of medical gases through supply networks around Japan and offers one-stop solutions for all types of services associated with hospital operation, including medical treatment devices, hospital facility construction, SPD (Supply, Processing and Distribution), contract sterilization and others. We will also be actively involved in community health-care services, such as home medical care and welfare and nursing care, and strive to contribute broadly to a highly-advanced medical society through the provision of comprehensive medical solutions.

Medical Gas

We supply a variety of medical gases, including inhaled gases such as oxygen and nitrous oxide, as well as nitric oxide preparation, liquid helium, sterilization gas and others.

Hospital Facility Construction

We offer total construction solutions for hospital facility equipment, including operating rooms, ICUs and medical gas piping systems.

Medical Equipment

We provide a variety of medical treatment devices focusing on respiratory-related medical devices in partnership with the world's leading medical equipment manufacturers.

Hospital Service

We offer outsourcing services to support effective management and operation of hospitals, including medical supply inventory management and the sterilization of medical instruments.

Home Medical Care

We offer a variety of home medical care services geared towards secure and safe home oxygen therapy and home respiratory care.

Nursing Care Product

We provide a diversity of welfare and nursing care services by leveraging our knowledge and expertise developed over many years in the medical business.