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ELNACKS®: Welding Argon Gas

“ELNACKS®” is a shielding gas which is the optimal mixture of argon and oxygen for MAG welding.
Using Air Water's exclusive manufacturing method of directly extracting a highly pure mixture of argon and oxygen from cryogenic air separation plants, ELNACKS® achieves high performance thanks to uniformity and stable quality superior to argon and oxygen mixture gases that are mixed after their extraction. ELNACKS® does not require a blending process after extraction as ordinary mixed gases do and therefore is also economical in terms of cost.

Use Targets

  • Automobiles
  • Iron Frames / Bridges
  • Construction Machinery
  • Gas Stations
  • Industrial Machinery

AW SHIELD: Welding Argon Gas

“AW Shield,” a shield gas for welding, is an argon-based original mixed gas specialized for high-efficiency and high-quality welding of aluminum and stainless steel.
AW Shield is our exclusive composition of gas components prepared so as to ensure optimal welding precisely suited to the conditions of use, such as the quality of material and sheet thickness. The AW Shield series currently offers a lineup of 12 products that can accommodate various types of welding, such as MAG, MIG, TIG and plasma.

Aqua Gas Generator: Cutting Hydrogen and Oxygen Mixed Gas Generator

Air Water has exclusively developed a hydrogen and oxygen gas generator for welding and cutting, “Aqua Gas Generator®”, which produces hydrogen-based fuel gas, “Aqua Gas”, that efficiently cuts steel construction materials. This is a large volume generator that enables simultaneous cutting of materials with 40 or more torches, thus enabling production that is more efficient and rationalized than traditional cutting methods.
As a pioneer in the technology of hydrogen gas cutting that has become widely used recently, Air Water has proposed Aqua Gas which realizes high-quality and high-speed cutting and energy saving, and which is the optimal cutting gas for cutting processes involved in steel, shipbuilding, construction equipment, industrial machines, construction, and others.