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Industrial Gas

Types of industrial gases

Industrial gas is a generic term for gases (liquefied gases) used widely in all industries for raw materials and intermediate materials in the manufacturing industry, or for quality improvement, energy saving and the safety in manufacturing processes. This does not include city gas (coal gas for domestic use) and LP gas that are mainly used for household energy. Medical gases used in hospitals are included among industrial gases. The following are the main types of industrial gases that Air Water supplies domestically and globally.

O2 Oxygen CO2 Carbon Oxide Ne Neon
N2 Nitrogen He Helium Kr Kripton
Ar Argon H2 Hydrogen Xe Xenon

Uses of industrial gases

Industrial gases are widely used in all the world's industries and their use is diverse. It is no exaggeration to say that industrial gases are used in all venues of industry that are showcases of our modern civilization, such as steel-making, chemical production, glass-manufacturing, electronics, shipbuilding, automobile making, paper manufacturing, energy, power generation, food and beverages, aviation and space, agriculture and biotechnology, healthcare and life-related industries.

Aviation / Space Industry

Supplying methods of industrial gases

Gas Cylinde

The starting point of Air Water's gas business was gas supply using cylinders. We have established a stable supply system for gas cylinders that allows us to deliver each one of these cylinders to our customers by our own hands through our supply network.

Tank Truck

Gas produced at manufacturing factories is delivered to our customers throughout Japan by liquefied gas lorries and gas trailers. With our integrated production-to- sales system based on our infrastructure, we promise to provide a reliable and safe gas supply.


Through our on-site gas supply systems in which we manufacture gas near our customers' plants and deliver it as it is generated, we serve the needs of our customers who are constantly in need of a large amount of industrial gas. We have various types of manufacturing systems, including cryogenic air separation systems, and gas adsorption separation systems operating at room temperature.