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Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Generator

Air Water established an atmospheric pressure plasma technology and developed systems that use two different methods, namely a “direct-type surface treatment system” in which films are processed at high speed and continuously, and a “remote-type surface processing system” in which glass and substrates are cleaned by jetting plasma. Due to its extremely active characteristics, atmospheric pressure plasma enables processing at low temperature. It also provides an environmentally-friendly and highly effective surface modification due to no chemicals used in processing.


Surface modification Improved adhesion and coating performance, controlled wettability of, and addition of water repellency to films and resin
Cleaning Cleaning of glass for liquid crystals, Si wafers and electronic components
Surface etching Removal of organic dirt and resist
Thin filmat formion by CVD Synthesis of functional thin films

VCE: Vacuum Chemical Epitaxy for Silicon Equipment

Air Water proposes a “VCE (Vacuum Chemical Epitaxy)” system for thin film formation for next-generation semiconductor processing.
As an UHV (Ultra High Vacuum)-CVD system equipped with ultrahigh vacuum technology and ultrahigh purity gas supply technology, this is a next-generation semiconductor device manufacturing system suitable for the thin film formation on various types of compound semiconductors such as GaAs (gallium arsenide), including epitaxial films on Si (silicon) and SiGe (silicon germanium).

Examples of validated process applications

Si film thickness uniformity ±2.5 - 5% (Substrate temperature 600~800℃)
Si selective growth (on oxidized film) Selective growth film thickness 100nm (Substrate temperature 650℃)
Si selective growth (on nitrided film) Selective growth film thickness 40nm (Substrate temperature 670℃)
SiGe growth Ge composition 0 - 18% (Substrate temperature 550℃)
SiGe low temperature selective growth
(on oxidized film)
Selective growth film thickness 50nm (Substrate temperature 550℃ or lower)
SiGeC growth C concentration 0 – 1.5% (Substrate temperature 550℃)
ALD(Atomic Layer Deposition) TiN,TaN,VN
GaAs growth GaAs on GaAs Substrate temperature 700℃ 50nm/min

CMP Slurry Delivery System

CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) slurry is a type of polishing liquid used to planarize the unevenness on the surface of wafer materials and others. For the surface processing of semiconductor devices, which requires higher speed and smoothing, a technology to provide a stable and highly accurate supply of slurry is required.
Under a licensing agreement with Mega Fluid Systems Inc., U.S. and with the addition of our original fluid control technology, Air Water provides in-house manufacturing of devices for a most advanced “CMP slurry preparation and delivery system” and supplies them to semiconductor plants.