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VCP: Centrifugal Liquefied Gas Pump

Air Water offers a new type of pump “VCP Series,” which innovatively solved various problems with the conventional centrifugal pumps for liquefied gas.
By utilizing a uniquely developed “standing gas-liquid two-chamber construction,” the VCP series achieved drastic improvement in every functional aspect, including compact and lightweight design, low noise, leak-free, maintenance efficiency and lower running costs, as well as a groundbreaking longer operating life compared to the conventional pumps.


  • Sendout pumps to be installed in lorries
  • Send-out pumps for charging gates, filling pumps for lorries
  • Booster and transfer pumps for process plant
  • Booster and transfer pumps for air separation plants
  • Unloading, booster and transfer pumps for co-generation

QuickSnow®: Dry Ice Snow Precision Cleaning System

QuickSnow® creates dry ice fine particles from liquid carbon dioxide and has them collide with a target cleaning object at high speed so as to remove organic substances and particles on the precision components and the surface of substrates.
As it is a dry cleaning system, there is no risk of causing damage to objects due to contamination by chemical solution, cleaning marks and liquid surface tension, which occurs in the conventional chemical cleaning and wet cleaning systems. The system also provides excellent performance in cleaning fine particles that are difficult to remove using air blow.

Use Targets

  • Semiconductor Device
  • Electronic Component
  • Optical Component
  • Film production
  • Flat Panel Display Component

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning System

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning System sprays finely ground dry ice particles as blasting material (projection material) at high speed and has it collide with a target object so as to provide high precision removal and cleaning of foreign matters. The process is not likely to cause damage or deformation marks on a target object, requires no major disassembly and assembly of the target object and can be performed without waiting for the temperature of the target object to drop even if the target object is in the high temperature state.


  • Car Manufacturing
  • Tire Manufacturing
  • Casting Factory
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Steel, Metal and Machinery Manufacturing

GLOPUL®: Pulse Tube Refrigerator

The pulse tube refrigerator “GLOPUL®” offered by Air Water is a uniquely-developed GM type “new pulse tube refrigerator that rivals GM refrigerators,” boasting the highest output and efficiency in the world. Despite being a single-stage type, GLOPUL® provides cooling up to its lowest attainable temperature of 20K (-253 degrees ℃) and is therefore most suitable for cooling high-temperature superconducting materials.


  • Direct cooling of high-temperature superconducting materials, various sensors and solid specimen
  • Cooling of vacuum radiation shields
  • Nitrogen (oxygen) liquefier
  • Reliquefaction of vaporized liquefied gas, liquefaction of other rare gases
  • Subcooling of liquefied gases such as liquid nitrogen
  • Vacuum cold trap, solvent trap

Indoor Liquid Nitrogen Generator

An indoor liquid nitrogen generator combines nitrogen gas with electricity and water in a room of analysis centers, universities, research institutes, semiconductor plants and others, so as to make it possible to obtain liquefied nitrogen at any time with facility. Liquefied nitrogen can be obtained with one switch operation wherever it is needed, by liquefying and storing nitrogen gas in this system by using a highly effective pulse tube refrigerator after the gas is taken from a PSA nitrogen gas generator or from a customer's CE (cold evaporator) system.


  • For electron microscope EDS (EDX) detectors
  • For NMR analyzers
  • For material analyzers
  • For sample freezing
  • For bio freezing storage containers
  • For low-temperature grinding

DEOXY N®: Nitrogen-type Deoxygenator

“DEOXY N®,” a nitrogen-type deoxygenator, performs deoxygenation processing of liquid by contacting the liquid (treating water) containing oxygen components with microscopic bubbles of nitrogen so as to transfer the oxygen dissolved in the liquid to the nitrogen as result of the difference in partial pressure.
DEOXY N® performs multiple times of gas-liquid contact through the combination of multiple reactors, enabling efficient reduction of dissolved oxygen with a small amount of nitrogen.


  • Water supply to boilers, deoxygenation processing for mold cooling water
  • Deoxygenation processing for the semiconductor cleaning water, and others
  • Deoxygenation processing of the circulating water in heat storage tanks of buildings
  • Corrosion prevention of the piping of cooling water (rusty water) for air conditioners

Waste Liquid Treatment System with Ozone

The “waste treatment system with ozone” offered by Air Water performs highly efficient oxidative decomposition of organic matters in waste liquid by transforming ozone which has low solubility in water into micro nano bubbles so as to dissolve it in water. The organic matters are aggregated by chemical agent and removed through solid-liquid separation.


  • Water-soluble oils (cutting oil, press forming oil and others)
  • Mineral oils containing surfactant
  • For reducing the burden of existing drainage treatment systems at large-scale establishments (as pretreatment)
  • Wastewater from the cleaning of electronic parts, machined parts and others
  • Wastewater from food processing

Liquid Nitrogen Freezer

A cryogenic freezer (liquid nitrogen freezer) is a freezing processing system capable of rapidly lowering the temperature of processing objects using cryogenic (-196 ℃) liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant.
Compared to the conventional freezing processing method for food products using a mechanical freezer, the rapid cooling method using liquid nitrogen provides superior preservation of freshness and quality without damaging cell membranes of food.


  • Starchy food products
  • Food products whose flavor is affected by heat treatment such as blanching
  • Food products with high water content (food products with low recovery of freshness due to a large amount of drip during thawing)
  • Aroma-sensitive food products
  • Individual Quick Freezing Foods

Residue Removing Equipment

“Ultracold soft blaster” cools a target object using liquid nitrogen at cryogenic temperatures (-196ºC) and makes polycarbonate shot material (pellets) called “media” collide with the target object so as to effectively remove “burrs (unnecessary protrusions produced on machined surfaces)” attached to the object.


  • Molded Rubber
  • Thermoplastic Resin
  • Magnesium and Zinc Die-casting

Cryogenic‐Grinding Equipment

The cryogenic-grinding equipment enables efficient grinding processing by quickly freezing target objects such as rubber and plastics which are difficult to grind at normal temperatures using cryogenic liquid nitrogen (-196ºC) as a refrigerant.


  • Rubber Products
  • Resin Products
  • Foods

Gas Packaging Machine for Foods

“Gas packaging machine for foods” performs a series of process from packaging food products to replacing gas (gas flush filling) of the interior of product packages. The gases used for filling include nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen and mixed gas, which provide oxidation prevention effects, bacteriostatic effects and others.