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LP Gas

LP gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) emits a small amount of greenhouse gas and therefore has been playing a major role in the functioning of local communities for more than half a century since the 1950s as an energy source for everyday life that has a low environmental burden.
Air Water sells LP gas through a network of more than 90 outlets centered in Hokkaido for a broad range of uses from households and businesses to automobiles, engineering, and community gas utility businesses, with the aim of creating comfortable community life.

Concept of LP gas supply

Air Water has established an integrated in-house supply management system covering all steps from secondary stations (LP gas large-scale storage tanks) to the delivery to our customers. The LP gas stored in our secondary station is loaded to our tank trucks and transported to our tertiary stations (LP gas filling facilities, LP gas stations). LP gas is then delivered in the form that is most suitable for the customers6 amount and type of use, such as in the form of bulk lorries, gas cylinders, or by filling LP gas into an LP gas vehicle at a gas station.


Kerosene is a petroleum product routinely used as energy for hot-water supply, room heating, snow melting, and road heating. It is an indispensable source of energy particularly in the everyday life in Hokkaido where the cold in winter is intense.
Air Water directly and reliably delivers kerosene, which is an important energy source along with LP gas in this cold region, to each fuel tank of our customers' homes.

Natural Gas (Piping Supply)

Natural gas consists primarily of methane. Due to its low carbon dioxide emissions compared to fossil fuels and close-to-zero emissions of sulfur oxide and soot, natural gas has been attracting increasing attention every year as a next-generation energy source.
Air Water was also quick to focus on environmentally-friendly natural gas, and started its natural gas piping supply business in 1999. We currently supply 100% domestically produced natural gas from Yufutsu gas field, Hokkaido to corporations operating at the Chitose Airport Industrial Complex.