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LNG Transport

By utilizing the cryogenic technology and unique know-how in the transportation of liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen that Air Water has built up over the years, we have been working to develop tank trucks and containers enabling transport of large quantities of LNG over long distances.
LNG has been attracting increasing attention every year as clean energy, because it is the fossil that generates the least CO2, has high energy efficiency, and is reliably available in large supplies. Air Water has focused on this potential of LNG for a long time and has created an extensive lineup of transportation containers that can accommodate various conditions of LNG transportation.

LNG Tank Truck (ground transportation)

  Superimposed load(ton) Max charging pressure(MPa) Total Weight(ton)
Monocoque type
0.60 30.8
0.60 27.3
Standard type
0.60 23.8

LNG Tank Container (ground and marine transportation)

  Superimposed load(ton) Max charging pressure(MPa) Total Weight(ton)
40ft type
0.60 23.2

LNG Tank Container (ground and marine transportation)

  Superimposed load(ton) Max charging pressure(MPa) Total Weight(ton)
40ft type
0.60 23.5
30ft type
0.75 20.0
20ft type
0.93 12.6

LNG Storage Tank

In order to be able to use LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in remote areas where no pipelines are buried, it is necessary to establish LNG satellite stations (storage, gasification, and delivery systems) and store liquefied natural gas there. LNG satellite stations are the supply terminals for the second stage of transfer of LNG from LNG receiving stations, and are so called because the facilities are installed in locations all around a receiving station like satellites.
Air Water offers optimum engineering services for LNG satellite stations ranging from the selection of storage tank containers to the layout of facilities, based on the amount and type of LNG to be used by our customers.

Specifications (standard pressure)

Storage tank(KL) Design pressure(MPa)
30, 40, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200
0.6 ~ 0.9 + 0.1013

LP gas-type mobile power source car

As a new energy solution using LP gas for communities, Air Water newly developed Japan's first “LP gas-type mobile power source car.”
This mobile power source car boasts a maximum power generation capability of 100 kWh (equivalent of the power consumption of 40 ordinary households). As it is LP gas-fueled, fuels for the power generation can be procured easily at the time of emergencies and disasters, and the car can be used as a flexible emergency power source during power failure and in disaster-affected areas.


  • LP gas is used as fuel for the power generation, which facilitates fuel procurement during emergencies and disasters
  • Maximum power generation capability of 100 kWh.
  • The power generation system can start up in about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • It can be used with LP gas containers. 30 kg of LP gas can generate 100 kWh equivalent of electricity. *1
  • Compatible with a wide range of electric appliances, lighting and pumps. *2
  • A 20-feet container (standard size) for its transportation.*3

*1 The power source car is equipped with a stand alone supply system.
*2 The car is equipped with a portable power supply connector panel.
*3 As the container is a standard size, the car can be transported by trailers and helicopters (except fuels).


Feed fuel Power generation capability (Available range) Container standards
LP gas 20 kW, 60 kW, 100 kW 20 ft
Transportable using trailers and helicopters
(except fuels)
Light oil 500 - 2,000 kW