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We contribute to the growth and development of life and industry by providing “energy for everyday life which is essential to communities.”

As energy for everyday life used by households and for public facilities such as commercial facilities, factories and hospitals, or as energy for industrial use for Community Gas Utility Service and automotive industry, LP gas and kerosene play a crucial role in our comfortable life in communities.
As an energy and infrastructure company that continues to walk with communities, Air Water has been supplying LP gas for more than half a century since the beginning of the domestic LP gas market. We also actively work on new proposals as new energy solutions, such as LNG (liquefied natural gas) transport and storage tanks, LP gas-powered mobile power supply vehicles and biogas systems based on biomass resources and others.

Energy Supply

We offer fuel and energy supply services for LP gas, kerosene and other fuels across wide areas from Hokkaido to East Japan and Central Japan.

Energy Equipment

We propose a diversity of energy-related equipment, including LNG (liquefied natural gas) transport containers and storage systems and LP gas-powered mobile power supply vehicles.