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Application as advanced materials driving the evolution of electronics Polyimide is a material widely used in microelectronics because of its excellence in heat resistance and strength. Mobilizing liquid-phase aerial oxidation as the Company's core technology, polyimide materials (acid anhydrides & diamine) are supplied to customers.
In electronics, many materials have been developed and commercialized, such as photoresists and CMP slurry products.

Semiconductor encapsulants, semiconductor interlayer insulators, photoresists for semiconductor circuit forming, polyimide film for flexible printing boards, printed circuit board resins, LCD color filters
Contract Manufacturing Service
We can provide contract manufacturing services in various scales, from 50-liter laboratory scale to 10kl-scale commercial production. With our multi-purpose synthesis plants of Kashima (Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture), Wakayama (Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture), Sun Chemical Co., Ltd. (Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture) and China (Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province), we offer comprehensive contract services in cooperation with the laboratories adjoining these plants, from high-pressure oxidation reaction and synthetic reaction such as nitration to separation, refining and drying to contribute to greater efficiency for customers in development and production.

SK Resin: Semiconductor sealing material

“SK Resin” is a thermosetting resin (hardener) used for semiconductor sealing material. It is produced in-house by adding value to phenolic compounds. In addition to its ultra-high thermal resistance and excellent mold-curing characteristics, SK Resin comes in two types, one being “fire retardant free” that has fire retardant characteristics in the resin itself, and the other being “halogen free fire retardant,” and offers various grades to respond to a broad range of needs focused on high-end class (highest-level) applications.

  • Overwhelming resistance to heat, water, chemicals and wear, far exceeding that of polyimide
  • Outstanding moldability for improved work efficiency and reduced production cost
  • Excellent handling for superb convenience in every application
Epoxy resin hardner
Wide range of grades available to cover various applications
Grade Cas No. Usage
HE600 Series
Outstanding fire retardance, low elasticity, low water absorbance and low viscosity for environmental applications
HE500 Series
Super-low viscosity and low water absorbance for high filler load applications
HE900 Series
High Tg, low viscosity, high responsiveness and low warping for high heat-resistant applications
HE100 Series
Standard phenol aralkyl resin
General heat-resistant application grades
Outstanding heat and wear resistance, far exceeding existing phenol resins and comparable to polyimide.
Grade Usage
QH Series It is being used widely in applications requiring wear resistance, applications as sliding material, etc.