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Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Heterocyclic compounds are being widely used as intermediates in pharmaceutical products and agricultural chemicals, due to their importance in the physiologic functions of the living body.
Taking advantage of possessing heterocyclic compounds, Air Water synthesizes various derivatives to respond to a diversity of development needs of our customers by utilizing its decades of synthesizing know-how that has been developed since the time of our predecessor company Sumikin Chemical.

Anti-cancer drugs, antipsychotic drugs, anti-allergy agents, anticoagulants, antithrombotics, anti-inflammatory agents, anti-diabetes drugs, nutritional supplements, vitamin K3, cough suppressants (cold medicine), antiasthmatics, dermatological drugs, ophthalmic solutions, angiographic agents
Contract Manufacturing Service
We can provide contract manufacturing services in various scales, from 50-liter laboratory scale to 10kl-scale commercial production. With our multi-purpose synthesis plants of Kashima (Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture), Wakayama (Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture), Sun Chemical Co., Ltd. (Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture) and China (Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province), we offer comprehensive contract services in cooperation with the laboratories adjoining these plants, from high-pressure oxidation reaction and synthetic reaction such as nitration to separation, refining and drying to contribute to greater efficiency for customers in development and production.

GMP Plant: Multi-purpose Plant Equipped with Advanced Quality Control System

Air Water has completed a manufacturing plant for the stable supply and production of high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates and drug substances to respond to a wide range of customer needs, based on the company's technologies cultivated through the development of products, such as starting compounds based on indoles, quinolines, isoquinolines and other chemicals developed independently by Air Water. With the GMP plant, we hope to contribute to the future of pharmaceuticals.

Specialized Chemical Reactions

Nitoration Sulfonylation Acid Chlorination Hydrogenation Reaction
Grignard Reaction Diels-Alder Reaction Suzuki-Miyaura coupling

Outline of GMP Plant

Reactors 1.5m3-GL × 1   3m3-GL × 1   3m3-SUS × 1(units)
Tanks 3.0m3-GL × 2units
Centrifuge Horizontal basket - Aflon / Hastelloy C × 1unit
Filter Single-plate 0.5m2   SUS × 2units
Dryer Conical vacuum dryer 1m2 GL × 1unit
Heating & cooling Steam & warm-water heating & freezing machine -20~140℃
Cleanroom Class 100,000 drying / packaging room;   Class 1,000,000 reactor vessel / filtration room