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TEG: The thermally expandable graphite

Natural graphite has been intercalated with Air Water's proprietary technology (patented), facilitating thermal expansion. Heating TEG at high temperature results in disintegration of intercalates. The gas pressure triggers expansion into a worm shape. The expanded worm forms a honeycomb structure with pore space. TEG is used in sealants (gasket washer) and fire retardants for flammables such as polymers and rubber.

  • Graphite crystal expands 100 to 300 times with rapid heating (800-1000℃).
  • Expanded TEG can be compressed and molded in various shapes without the use of binders.
  • Excellence in chemical resistance, durability, heat resistance and air tightness compared to asbestos and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).
  • When mixed with flammable substances such as rubber and resin, the insulation layer can be formed at high heat, retarding fire spread.
Field of application Uses
Sealing areas Gaskets and packings
(Sealing materials for automobile engines and various plants)
Flame retardant Rubber, urethane resins, polypropylene resins, polystyrene resins
(Aircraft seats, indoor resin piping, building materials)
Heat resistance, thermal insulation and airtight materials Alternative materials for asbestos
Product Grade*1 Grain diameter Moisture(%) Expansion (cc/g)*2 Expansion onset
5099 SS-3 50mesh≥60%
(300μ aperture)
≤2.0 ≥180 200~210
60 CA-60 60mesh F70%
(250μ aperture)
≤2.0 ≥180 210~220

*1 Other grades available to cater to customer needs.
*2 Expansion level: Mass per 1g (cc/g) when TEG is heated at 1000℃×10 sec.

Moehen Z: Flame retardant

Moehen Z is a new type of fire retardant developed from “thermal expansive graphite (TEG)” that excels in fire resistance. It satisfies all 4E requirements not possible for past fire retardants and can be used for various applications.

  • Effective fire resistance
  • By mixing with flammable substances such as resins and rubber, Moehen Z expands with incineration, generating an insulation layer and preventing fire spread.
  • The volume of flammable substances can be increased or decreased to satisfy needs for either fire resistance or fire retardance.
  • Eco-friendly
  • It is a non-halogen product that does not produce chlorine gas or other hazardous gases at incineration.
  • Consisting chiefly of natural graphite, it can be incinerated for disposal.
  • Economical (Outstanding cost performance)
  • Due to outstanding fire resistance made possible with insulation layer generation, the mixture volume of flammable substances can be reduced in comparison to halogen-based retardants.
  • Ease of use
  • Compared to existing thermal expansive graphite, dispersion stability when mixed with resin has improved dramatically. For this reason, resin application and molding can be performed easily.
Item Unit Standard value
Dilatation cc/g 180~215 higher
Grain size +80mesh 70 higher
Expansion onset temperature 285℃
  • 20kg paper bag
  • 500kg bulk bag
  • Mix flammable substances in the range of 25 to 60 percent, depending on type and uses.
  • With adequate mixing before molding, coating, bridging, etc., consistent fire resistance or retardance can be achieved.
  • Uses in combination with existing retardants can product synergistic effect.

FR: Hydrocarbon

Aromatic hydrocarbon resin developed with exclusive technology, available in solid or liquid form depending on the degree of polymerization.

  • Outstanding compatibility with synthetic resins and can be used as a compounding agent.
  • Outstanding compatibility with rubber and can be used as a compounding agent.
  • Excellent resistance to water, weathering and chemicals.
Filed of application Uses
Rubber products Tackifier and reinforcing materials for rubber products including tires
Other Joint materials, waterproofing, paint, resin-coated sand for casting products
Brand Shape Appearance Softening temperature
Fixed carbon
Black pellets 120 1.13 29.5
FR-LA Black liquid - 1.03 -