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We are working on the development of unique “high value-added chemical materials” that are indispensable to the world.

Chemical materials used for materials of various products are something we do not see in our everyday life. However, they play a variety of active roles by changing their appearance and shapes, such as in the form of resins, fertilizers, automotive parts, rubber, agrochemicals, pharmaceutical products and electronics materials.
Air Water produces high value-added chemical materials based on our “coal chemical” technology to separate and refine the active ingredients found in coke from steelworks. The pillars of the business are “coal chemical” which manufactures tar-derived chemical products and “fine chemical” which manufactures pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates and electronics materials. By utilizing our production bases across Japan and abroad, we respond to all levels of materials development needs of our customers.

Coal Chemical

We produce high value-added chemical products by separating and refining by-product tar produced during the coke-making process.

Fine Chemical

We develop High-grade organic compound products and undertake contract manufacturing of these products by making use of our tar-based synthetic chemical technology.

Technologies & Products List

The list introduces chemical technologies and products owned by Air Water which has a variety of separation and refining technologies and derivative synthesis techniques.