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Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale/ Distributive Processing

TOMIICHI Co., Ltd. has unique production and processing technology and know-how along with broad production and supply networks connecting producers, distributors, and processers. Through contracts with some 250 farmers for cultivation, mainly in Hokkaido, the company obtains a supply of a variety of fruits and vegetables which are provided fresh or are processed and frozen to meet all of the needs of individual customers.
This company is striving to expand its operations as a core player in the agriculture and food product business, e.g. through cooperation with Air Water Farm Co., Ltd. and Saveur SS Inc. in sales and processing, and the utilization of logistics technologies that make the most of the low temperature transportation technology of Air Water Logistics Co., Ltd.

Integrated operation system, from cultivation to processing and distribution

Contracts are made with more than 250 farmers mainly in Hokkaido, for cultivation of various fruits and vegetables including potatoes, kabocha pumpkins and onions.
Seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown and delivered throughout the year while controlling their freshness in the company's own food storage. These are also made into processed and frozen products.
Through our exclusive distribution network, our fresh, frozen, and processed fruit and vegetable products are supplied to meet the precise needs of our customers.


Category Principal Products
Fruit and vegetables Potatoes, kabocha pumpkins, onions, burdock roots, tomatoes, sweet corn, carrots, daikon radishes, cabbages, melons (red and green meat), green asparagus, spinach, Chinese yams
Processed products Frozen pumpkins, frozen grated daikon radish, frozen melon, frozen carrots, frozen spinach, frozen Japanese yam, frozen potatoes
Canned products Rice, coarse cereals, candy (fruit juice candies)
Fertilizers Materials for organic cultivation, fertilizers, agrochemicals, raw materials for agrochemicals, seeds