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Solar Light Utilization - Vegetable Plant

The agricultural production corporation Air Water Farm Co., Ltd. owns two production bases, “Chitose Farm” which has some of Japan's largest glass greenhouses and “Azumino Farm” which is surrounded by the Northern Alps in Honshu and is bountifully supplied with underground water.
Air Water Farm's glass greenhouses are fully equipped with environmental control systems that automatically regulate conditions such as such as CO2 concentration, greenhouse temperature, sunlight, and irrigation to provide the optimal growing environment for vegetables. With these systems, a production system that enables a stable supply of safe and high-quality vegetables throughout the year uninfluenced by climate change has been established.

Production System

Chitose Farm (Hokkaido)
Ground area / Greenhouse area

20ha / 7.1ha

Products / Production area
  • tomato(4ha)
  • leaf lettuce(0.4ha)
Azumino Farm (Nagano)
Ground area / Greenhouse area

10.2ha / 5.3ha

Products / Production area
  • tomato(4.8ha)

Air Water supplies carbon dioxide that helps grow vegetables

The regulation of carbon dioxide concentration is a very effective means of “promoting growth”, helping grow vegetables by accelerating photosynthesis. At Air Water Farm as well, carbon dioxide concentration is regulated systematically according to the type of vegetable and its stage of growth.
Taking advantage of being an industrial gas manufacturer, Air Water has a stable supply of carbon dioxide to promote efficient production activities through CO2 atmospheric control.