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Ham/Delicatessen & Frozen Food

Air Water's Food Products Business is centered on three brands: Saveur and Syunsetsu, which are based in Hokkaido and have won national acclaim, and Sagami Ham, which has strong brand prestige in Kanagawa Prefecture and the surrounding southern Kanto region.
This business uses its high-quality ham and delicatessen products, which command 30% of the domestic uncured ham market, and its frozen food ingredient products as its core areas for its development of products for general consumers and commercial customers. Furthermore, it is actively working to add many new products to its lineup, including Hokkaido candy and original cooking sauces developed and produced at its own facilities, and is finding a large base of customers nationwide, including supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, restaurant chains and school cafeterias.

Product Brands

Saveur (for commercial customers)

Saveur's frozen food ingredients, ranging from livestock products and agriculture products to fishery products, as well as its cooking sauces for commercial use and candy are highly evaluated by famous hotels and prestigious restaurants across the country. This business had its origin in Air Water's “cryogenic technology” that makes full use of liquefied nitrogen and liquefied carbon dioxide. By quickly freezing selected delicacies of the season from Hokkaido and from around the world, Saveur delivers high-quality, safe, and reliable products to customers throughout the country.

Principal Products

Category Principal Products
Livestock Products Raw ham, pancetta, bacon, soft salami
Agriculture Products Broccoli, cauliflower, green asparagus, Hokkaido pumpkin
Fishery Products Scallop, salmon caviar
Other Products Sauce, candy

Shunsetsu (for general consumers)

The retail market brand “Shunsetsu” offers ham and delicatessen products that can be used as a dish to adorn the family table or for gift items, including uncured ham, wieners, bacon, and meat for grilling. With healthy ingredients that are chosen according to strict standards and that are prepared with the technique and dedication of master craftsmen, Shunsetsu delivers consistently delicious and safe products.

Principal Products

Category Principal Products
Livestock Products Raw ham, Loin ham, Bacon, Sausage
Meat for grilling, Mutton barbecue

Sagami Ham (for general consumers and commercial customers)

Sagami Ham's mainstay products, ham and sausage produced from carefully searched and selected ingredients and utilizing the techniques developed by dedicated craftsmen working for nearly 90 years and leading-edge production facilities, are sold in the Kanto region centering in Kanagawa Prefecture. Its leading products including Bologna sausage, which has a reputation for being tasty and easy-to-cook, and the Honrei series of hams, which are still made by traditional manufacturing processes, offer a rich variety of foods to suit a broad range of needs of customers shopping at local meat stores, mass retailers, and department stores as well as commercial customers such as bakery shops.

Principal Products

Category Principal Products
Livestock Products Raw ham, Loin ham, Bologna sausage, wieners