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Vegetable Beverage & Fruit Juice Drink

Gold-Pak Co., Ltd., a member of the Air Water Group, has its production base in Nagano Prefecture, a region endowed with a favorable natural environment, and produces and sells a variety of beverage products including soft drinks, vegetable beverages, and fruit beverages using domestically-produced vegetables, fruits, and high quality natural water coming mainly from Nagano Prefecture.
As a general beverage manufacturer, Gold-Pak operates its business nationwide, both contracted manufacturing (OEM) according to the requirements of beverage manufacturer customers, and Gold-Pak brand business in which products that are developed by Gold-Pak or jointly with other companies are made and sold under a Gold-Pak brand.


Gold-Pak is noted for having developed Japan's first vegetable juice and carrot juice, and for its farm product processing technology which has been improved over the years so that the juice has the delicious flavor of the ingredients. By setting its production base in Nagano Prefecture which is a region blessed with a favorable natural environment, the company can directly procure vegetables and fruits that are mostly from Nagano Prefecture and operate the entire juice production process up to the final stage in that area, which allows the company to provide customers with products that excels in both quality and taste.


Beverage products
Production items Fruit juice drinks, vegetable beverages, coffee beverages, Oolong tea beverages, green tea beverages, black (Western) tea beverages, milk beverages, sports drinks, functional beverages, mineral water
Juice extract products
Production items Various types of concentrated juice, juice extract, pulp, and puree (Carrot, tomato, apple, peach, pear, leaf vegetables, others)