Business & Products Agriculture & Food Business

We provide “high-quality, reliable and safe farm and food products” for the food culture of the 21st century.

The history of Air Water's agriculture and food products dates back over 30 years. Our food business that began with the sales of frozen food using liquefied nitrogen expanded its operations in 2002 to include ham and delicatessen products. In 2009, the company established an agricultural production corporation, Air Water Farm Co., Ltd., to make a full-scale entry into agricultural business. Since then, the business has been expanded to agricultural machines, distribution and processing of fruit and vegetables, and the production of vegetable and fruit juice drinks.
With its integrated in-house operation from the production of vegetables to the processing of food and beverage products as well as the distribution to markets throughout the country, Air Water's agriculture and food product business has brought out maximum Group synergies and created an entirely new type of value chain that has not existed before

Ham/Delicatessen & Frozen Food

We supply customers across the country with high-end ham and delicatessen products, featuring high-quality and very fresh food that is delivered frozen and. domestic uncured ham

Vegetable Beverage & Fruit Juice Drink

Making most of the natural resources in Nagano Prefecture, we offer beverage products such as vegetable and fruit juice drinks as the OEM and under our house brand.

Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale/
Distributive Processing

By utilizing our own networks of production, processing, and distribution, we offer fruit and vegetables and processed & frozen food products across the country, most of which are made in Hokkaido.

Solar Light Utilization - Vegetable Plant

We are producing vegetables, mainly tomatoes, at Chitose Farm in Hokkaido and Azumino Vegetable Farm in Shinshu, Nagano Prefecture, which have some of the largest glass greenhouses in Japan.