Business & Products

Industrial Gas Business

We provide a stable supply of the industrial gases oxygen and nitrogen to customers in all industrial fields.

Chemical Business

By exploiting coal chemicals technology, we manufacture chemical materials that play an active role in products that are familiar to all of us.

Medical Business

We provide support, solving problems at sites where healthcare is delivered in Japan with a variety of services including medical gases and medical equipment.

Energy Business

To provide energy that supports everyday life in local areas and industry, we deliver LP gas and kerosene.

Agriculture & Food Business

With our safe, reliable and high-quality farm and food products delivered from Hokkaido and Kyushu, we contribute to a comfortable life for all.

Other Business

We are active in a broad range of fields, such as salt, magnesia, logistics, aerosols, and O-rings.

New Business

We are taking up the challenge to conquer new fields, such as SiC substrate technology, home water delivery service, and nursing care facility operation.