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TopProductsBellswing PSA type nitrogen gas generator
Bellswing, PSA type nitrogen gas generator Bellswing, PSA type nitrogen gas generator

PSA is a nitrogen gas generator that utilizes nitrogen/oxygen-separating activated carbon (MSC), which uses Bellpearl as material.
In the electronics area, it is used for loading the ambience with nitrogen in lead-free type reflow kiln/solder bath. In laser beam machining, it is used to provide assist gas for anti-oxidation cutting. Its diversified applications range to heat treatment of metals, or gas packed packaging of tea or coffee in the food processing area.

Features of PSA
High-performance pursuing design
  Supplies nitrogen gas of 97 to 99.99% purity at low cost.
Compactness (Package type)
  Space-saving. Just connect power and piping to start operation (cooling water unnecessary).
Good operability
  Fully automatic, unattended operation. Quick start-
up. Timer device for one-week operation (optional).
  PSA is not in the range of application for the High Pressure Gas Control Law.
Full lineup PSA systems
Full lineup PSA systems
  Principal uses of PSA
  Loading the ambience with nitrogen in lead-free type reflow kiln/solder bath; for joining semiconductors or electronics components; drying of CFC-free washing agent; sealing and other anti-oxidation measures.
Laser beam machine
  Assist gas for anti-oxidation cutting of stainless-steel plates; optical path purging gas, etc.
Nitrogen gas generator for laser beam machine
  Gas packed packaging of nuts, tea, coffee, etc.; preservation of dried foods; anti-oxidation of oils and fats; storage of wine/beer; controlled atmosphere storage of fruits and vegetables.
Chemical industry
  Heat treatment and carbonizing of metals and ceramics; purging undesirable gases from tanks, reactive baths and explosion-proof sealing.
Research and development area
  For analysis and experiments (sealing and carrying gas); for pilot plants.

Principle of PSA MSC (Molecular Sieving Carbon) has a large capacity of oxygen adsorption, and difference between oxygen adsorbing speed and nitrogen adsorbing speed is also very large. Under a pressurized condition, oxygen is adsorbed in a short time, prior to nitrogen. Thus, nitrogen gas can be separated from air. By returning the pressure to normal, adsorbed oxygen can be easily desorbed and MSC is turned back to original state.
First, MSC (Bellfine MG) is filled into plural adsorption towers of PSA. Then adsorption and desorption are repeated alternately in a cycle that matches with the specific characteristic of the MSC. High purity nitrogen gas is thus obtained continuously.

Product introduction - BELLSWING, PSA type Nitrogen Gas Generator
Reflow kiln compatible type (R type)   Small C, Package type (CP type)
Small C, Semipackage type (C type)   Space-saving type (S type)
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