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TopProductsBellpearl, functional particulate phenolic resin
Bellpearl, functional particulate phenolic resin Bellpearl, functional particulate phenolic resin

In this age of increasingly accumulated technologies and greater sophistication of information, industrial materials are required to have high performance and characteristics. Under these circumstances, our functional particulate phenolic resin Bellpearl is receiving great attention from various areas.

S type: A hot-melt, self-curing type. Soluble in solvents. Used as binder resins for moldings. Also used as thermo-setting resin.

R type: Does not melt with heat. Cured type. Insoluble in solvents. Used as reactive organic filler to, for instance, improve thermal resistance of matrix.

C type: Amorphous carbon particulates obtained by carbonizing R type Bellpearl. Used as filler to improve electric conductivity and frictional properties of matrix.

Refractory   Adhesive
RefractoryHaving no monomer toxicity or giving off no offensive odors, Bellpearl offers good working environment. For these characteristics and its high carbon yield, Bellpearl is used in steel and ceramic industries as various shapes of refractories. AdhesiveBellpearl excels in durability, water resistance, chemical resistance and strength and is widely used for adhesives. Recently, chemicals syndrome,
especially the sick house syndrome, has become a major social problem. As only phenolic resin, that is virtually free of residual phenol (a monomer) and formaldehyde, Bellpearl is increasingly attracting attention as a material for environmentally-friendly adhesives including adhesives for plywood.

Composite material   Carbon material
Composite materialBecause of many attractive characteristics such as high mechanical strength, high heat-resistance, dimensional stability, fire-retardancy and oil- and chemical-resistance, composite materials consisting of Bellpearl are used in widely-ranged applications such as housing for office automation equipment, mechanical parts of automobiles, grinding wheels and friction materials. Carbon materialBesides solid moldings molded solely with Bellpearl, high-hardness, high-purity and high-strength amorphous carbon is obtained by carbonizing Bellpearl powder. This is now available for uses such as electrodes, melting pots, high-purity activated carbon, and conductive or sliding-surface parts.

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